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Hanfzahncreme - Bioprodukt mit Bestandteilen der nachhaltigen Hanfpflanze

2022.01.24 06:47 IchMagHanf Hanfzahncreme - Bioprodukt mit Bestandteilen der nachhaltigen Hanfpflanze

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2022.01.24 06:47 IAmSerioslyNotYou Just trolling the german army

Just trolling the german army
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2022.01.24 06:47 Kuci_06 Milyen home office benefitekre számíthatunk 2022-ben?

Lassan már 2 éve nyomjuk a kötelező home-office-t, és egyre IT több cégtől lehet hallani, hogy a jövőben is a hibrid munkavégzésnél maradnak.
Ezzel gondolom tök jól járnak a cégek, hiszen nem kell fenntartani az irodákat, és egy halom korábbi benefitet is el tudnak engedni: felesleges lesz az irodai csocsó, a gyümölcsnap, az ingyen kondi és szauna, meg a folyosóra kirakott porosodó PS4 is.
Viszon a kérdés: mi fogja ezeket kiváltani? Milyen benefitekkel tudnak kiemelkedni a cégek, amikor a dolgozók kb alig látják az irodát? (már ha egyáltalán van még olyan)
Hallottam már rezsitámogatásról, bútorvásárlási támogatásról, és házhoz küldött monitorról... nálatok van valami egyéb tapasztalat?
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2022.01.24 06:47 crypticaITA Amazon returns product befor I ship it?

So, this is my first time ever having to return a product to Amazon (a motherboard which RAM slot don't work). I managed to go through all the return steps, and in the final page it says the article shall arrive to me tomorrow. Now, if I got this right, it should be delivered to me tomorrow no matter if I send the faulted product back or not. Of course I'm gonna return it, I don't need a faulted product anyway, but what would happen if the new motherboard got delivered to me but I didn't send the faulted product back?
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2022.01.24 06:47 Crafty_Bad_1919 chelsea rosee

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2022.01.24 06:47 Zaid_Azhar Pakistan win 4 ICC awards for 2021

Pakistan at the ICC Awards for 2021:
Fatima Sana - Women’s emerging player of the year
Babar Azam - Men’s ODI player of the year
Muhammad Rizwan - Men’s T20I player of the year
Shaheen Shah Afridi -Men’s player of the year
What a fantastic year for Pakistan cricket and after such a long time so much to look forward to! All the awards seem much deserved amidst some tough competition and hopefully will galavanize the players to perform even better! Truly excited for this team and this year alright Pakistan fans let’s get behind the boys and the girls for 2022!
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2022.01.24 06:47 zenterx Theresa Cosplay & Voice (Honkai Impact 3rd) 月下初拥

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2022.01.24 06:47 Hyper_Gachi monkaE

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2022.01.24 06:47 Tight_Chocolate_7683 question about Murder House

So, if Hayden dies while she was pregnant that means the baby also died. So would Hayden technically be pregnant with a very early term baby for all of eternity or does the baby need to be farther along or take its first breath for it to stay in the Murder house.
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2022.01.24 06:47 swandive78 Smiled And Shook My Head

You could have had it,
Had it all, if only you
Had made the right choice.
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2022.01.24 06:47 Brizzd I should've quit that job in hindsight...

Couple years ago I broke my arm in order to stop my boyfriend falling down a flight of stairs when he passed out inexplicably. (He's fine btw.)
My arm hit the corner of a railing really hard, and I was convinced it was broken.
Emergency services said it wasn't broken, I went to the hospital for an X-Ray. Spoiler: It was fucking broken.
I get back from the hospital and of course, being sensible, let my manager know what happened to me.
Now, I work in Design. Which can range from being designing websites, logos, posters, promotional stuff. I have my HANDS full using hot keys to make work fast, drawing to get drafts up and such and such.
So, my managers first words to me after finding out I broke my fucking arm are: "Oh god that's awful. Do you think you can still work?"
I just said my arm is broken. Not only that but I have to cycle to work and she further insists I should get a Taxi to work. Take a taxi to and from work for 3 months, my budget is tight enough but fuck me that'd consume my savings in weeks.
So, I have to get a sick note which felt so damn embarrassing because they clearly couldn't take a hint and used that time to find work elsewhere.
Lucky me, I get a job in Europe (Fuck England) that lets me work from home permanently so I moved somewhere nice and cheap but not a dive and I make significantly more money because of my skillset.
And they have no problem with people finishing work early if they get everything done say like 2 - 3 hours before finishing which is great and doesn't effect my salary.
I also got to hear the joyous news that the bastard of a company that had no sympathy for my broken arm went under last year.
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2022.01.24 06:47 Zarych- Katarina rework idea.

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2022.01.24 06:47 johLincoln Monero Coin (XMR) Forecast 2022-2030

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2022.01.24 06:47 xSmxthy 4 years ago today… christ.

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2022.01.24 06:47 Ordinary-Invite9841 WaW Idol play at F6 pt2

Just wondering what people’s personal opinion is on Tony’s idol play at final 6 of WaW and if it was playing his idol “correctly.”
Technically he didn’t negate any votes at that tribal playing his idol but if he doesn’t play his idol I think it’s like 98% he goes home that tribal. I think Ben probably still plays his, Denise doesn’t just like give up despite the edit and then Ben has to pick between Tony and Sarah, similar to Kelly Wentworth picking between Keith ‘George Clooney” Nale and Kimmi and he picks Sarah.
I guess that’s a successful play cuz he plays it or goes home but kind of backed into. Interested in others thoughts
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2022.01.24 06:47 NexusNex Crack on ski core near edge and brakes - repairable?

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2022.01.24 06:47 drty_daaan "Not clean! There are sticker on your car😤😤"

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2022.01.24 06:47 carbon680 Made a vasca cat out of two imprints from the same cat. The results where horrifying...

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2022.01.24 06:47 guitarino Knitted forest

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2022.01.24 06:47 serene6662 How to Download Subtitles For Movies or TV Series in Windows 11

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2022.01.24 06:47 Being_best_version Fortnite needs to add 120 fps on last gen consoles too

Okay hear me out. I used to play fortnite on my gaming laptop which had 4 gb GTX 1650 GPU and I used to get avg 80 fps. Then the GPU died and I bought xbox series X. Believe me, my fortnite experience drastically changed overnight. The 120 fps makes the game buttery smooth. My performance also got better overnight. I can't imagine playing fortnite on 60 fps. I just wonder how can a last gen console player be able to compete against a next gen console player ? 120 fps vs 60 fps. No way, a last gen console player can outperform a next gen console player.
And fortnite isn't a very graphics demanding game. It's only a 28 gb game which can run even on a 2gb GPU laptop. I think last gen consoles especially xbox one/ x and PS4/pro can handle fortnite at 120 fps with some tweaks. The devs needs to look at this matter.
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2022.01.24 06:47 Excellent_Point_7629 It's really bad in here.

Too many offers to buy sexually explicit material. It's a damn shame that this is what people have to resort to just to get some help.
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2022.01.24 06:47 RobinoRedditBoy2 Ever sindce i started making schreenshots of the coverstaions with my friends, i have tons of blackmail material

Start doing this and just send the schreesnhots every once in a while
I litterly have a folder of like 70
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2022.01.24 06:47 Alarming_Story_5505 LEAD NFT DROP LINK IN COMMENT

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2022.01.24 06:47 jiyannareeka 190116 Yeoreum 'La La Love' Fancam @ Show Champion

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