Nintendo franchises retheme ideas

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2022.01.24 07:04 leobetosouza Nintendo franchises retheme ideas

What games you think would be a good fit for a Nintendo franchise retheme?
Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pokémon, Pikimin... These are all great video game franchises, but in the board game world I can't think of a great game to use it...
Well... We all know all the Monopolies and Unos with Mario theme, but think about the modern board games. Do you remember one?
So, I was thinking that retheme famous good games would e a good start for Nintendo franchise to shine...
I have two ideas:
Wingspan Pokémon: Ok, that's not my idea, but I've seen it on BGG and I'd love to have it. And I am not a Wingspan fan.
Thanos Rising Super Mario: it would be great have a Bowser's Rising game! It would be a instabuy for me. Think about a King Koopa mini on the center and cards of his minions and.all the Mushroom Kingdom heroes!
I would like to read your ideas to. We know that this probably will never happen, but it's fun to imagine anyway!
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2022.01.24 07:04 kikorer7070 Any love for Edifice?

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2022.01.24 07:04 YesMissSalt I made a little trellis for my Stephania Hayata.

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2022.01.24 07:04 MGreenMN Michigan superintendent debunks GOP-spread rumor of student 'furries' using school bathroom 'litter boxes'

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2022.01.24 07:04 Arnadus Shiba Inu Dev Teases Major NFT Partnership, What Could It Be This Time?

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2022.01.24 07:04 ActivistMMT Because it would necessarily empower the poor, making them less exploitable. This would inherently disempower the rich. Instead of admitting they refuse to give up their power and perch, the cowards come up with an excuse to make further exploitation appear “unfortunate, but necessary”.

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2022.01.24 07:04 Kieran_CharlesH Why do so many people hate Kyle

I played through this game for the first time recently, and my favorite character was easily Kyle. After seeing a bit of the community online, it seems a lot of people dislike or ever hate him. I don't get it, he was misguided and eventually realized that he was wrong and helps the player. Also, toward the end of the game when you find out that Oltura resides on Hakolo (not sure if thats spelled right), you can see him look to the player, concerned. I thought he was such a well done character. Also him, Ena, and the player were such a fun trio, I wish his transition to a protagonist happened sooner lol. Now Navirou hate? That I understand. I want to punt that little rat into one of the pits.
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2022.01.24 07:03 ComradeCoffeehouse North Texas Church updates doctrine to include explicit transphobia

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2022.01.24 07:03 Hans-but-he-got-PTSD I got some idea to range weapon

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2022.01.24 07:03 poldobelix Il Presidente della Polonia Andrezj Duda: Indottrinamento LGBTQI+ dei bambini è neo-bolscevismo

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2022.01.24 07:03 YaBoiDannyTanner [PS4] W: 2* BFFR Pepper Shaker H: BFFR Pepper Shaker swap, Mischief Night rewards, Fasnacht rewards, Meat Week rewards, 3* legendaries, ammo, aid, flux, caps, more


2 star Bloodied Faster Fire Rate Pepper Shaker
HAVE All max level items
3 star Bloodied Faster Fire Rate Pepper Shaker will only swap for Pepper Shaker wanted
Mischief Night rewards: • Fireman Uniform • Jack O'Lantern Pant Suit • Jack O'Lantern Short Suit • Plan: Alien Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Classic Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Evil Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Happy Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Mobster Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Practice Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault-Tec Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault Boy Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault Door Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Full Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Half Empty Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Grim Reaper Vault-Boy Cutout
Fasnacht rewards: • Fasnacht Giant Mask • Fasnacht Owl Mask • Fasnacht Soldier Mask • Fasnacht Toothy Man Mask • Fasnacht Witch Mask • Fasnacht Beret • Fasnacht Goblin Mask • Fasnacht Jester Mask • Fasnacht Skull Mask • Fasnacht Sun Mask • Fasnacht Crazy Guy Mask • Fasnacht Deathclaw Mask • Fasnacht Raven Mask • Fasnacht Winter Man Mask • Plan: Fasnacht Balloons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Balloons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Branch Garland 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Branch Garland 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Confetti Pile 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Confetti Pile 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Flag Pole 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Flag Pole 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Ribbons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Ribbons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Snowflakes 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Snowflakes 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Helvetia Garland 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Helvetia Garland 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Flag 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Flag 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Ribbons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Ribbons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Party Streamers 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Party Streamers 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Pole Lantern 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Pole Lantern 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Ribbons Pole 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Ribbons Pole 02 • Plan: Megasloth Pelt Rug • Plan: Mounted Megasloth • Plan: Old Man Winter Effigy • Recipe: Fasnacht Donut • Recipe: Fasnacht Sausage
Meat Week rewards: • Bloody Chef Hat • Bloody Chef Outfit • Chally the Moo-Moo Hat • Chally the Moo-Moo Outfit • Grillmaster's Hat • Plan: Brahmin Grill • Plan: Chally the Moo-Moo Backpack • Plan: Decoy Ducks • Plan: Grocery Cart Grill • Plan: Meat Cleaver • Plan: Meat Week Flag • Plan: Peppered Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Salty Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Spicy Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Plastic Fruit Bowl • Plan: Plastic Fruit Wreath • Recipe: Tato Salad
3 star legendaries: ask about inventory
Ammo: • .45 • .50 balls • 5.56 • fuel • fusion cells • railway spikes • shotgun shells • full charge plasma cores • full charge fusion cores
Aid: • stimpaks • radaways • rad-x diluted • inert flux
Flux: • cobalt • crimson • fluorescent • violet • yellowcake
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2022.01.24 07:03 tumblr_cliche Snails and Shrimp

Hello, I'm planning to set up a tank for a group of ADFs and want to put some snails and Shrimp to help cleaning my tank. Should I put the frogs first in the tank and after a few weeks the cleaning team or the other way round? Or should I just put them together?
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2022.01.24 07:03 CatharticRoman Alternate H Cup Standings & Draw

Alternate H Cup Standings & Draw Removed the Covid results and did up the two tables and resulting draws based on averages over games played. This is by no means to say that this is fairer or more accurate, was just interested. Where teams were even on points I used PD.
Pool A
Pool B
Round of 16
Leinster v SF Bristol v Montpeliier
Ulster v Connacht Quins v Clermont
La Rochelle v Toulouse Tigers v Exeter
Racing v Bordeaux Munster v Sale
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2022.01.24 07:03 berrygoudswaard Change learning rate of a saved model

Hi there,
I playing around with RL for the past few weeks/months and I already have prototype model.
The past days I have trained my model for a few hours at a learning rate of 0.0001, and saved the model after training was finished.
Now I want to load my model and change the learning rate, so that I can continue my model training but at a different learning rate.
Right now I am using stable baselines. As far as I understand it is possible to change the learning rate of a loaded model, by using set_parameters.
Currently I am loading the model using 'load()' and I am trying to update the learning rate using 'set_parameters'. According the to docs this should work (if I understand this correctly):
Load the model from a zip-file. Warning: load re-creates the model from scratch, it does not update it in-place! For an in-place load use set_parameters instead.

Current I am doing something like this, but this doesn't seem to work.

 # Load the saved model model = A2C.load('') # Get the parameters that where saved with the model params = model.get_parameters() # Change the learning rate params['policy.optimizer']['param_groups'][0]['lr'] = 0.000005 # Set the parameters on the model model.set_parameters(params, exact_match=True) # Print the parameters print(model.get_parameters()) 
When a print the parameters on of the model (last line), it tells me the the learning rate is 0.000005 (as expected). But when it start the training (model.learn()), it tells me the learning rate is still 0.00001
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2022.01.24 07:03 higherthatakite420 Who's rollin?

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2022.01.24 07:03 PapayaAffectionate11 Lana Rhoades

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2022.01.24 07:03 Rimelius молитва - контроль / molitva - control [post-punk] (2021)

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2022.01.24 07:03 Litvi Controlled burning of natural environments could help offset carbon emissions. Infrequent, cooler fires can increase the retention of soil carbon by forming charcoal and soil aggregates that protect organic matter from decomposition and by encouraging grass growth, which increases root biomass.

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2022.01.24 07:03 Professional-Match38 It’s devdas form devdas a toxic character ? What do you think ?

I see that the role of dev from devdas it’s just an alcoholic toxic person and I think paro didn’t just deserve him
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2022.01.24 07:03 SpecsandPecs Looking forward to the new gym opening, it’s been months

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2022.01.24 07:03 BeanGoBoo Met someone online and it’s kind of complicated

Hello, so i met this guy online a few months ago, he texted me about a post i had made on reddit about a problem at work and even wished me a happy birthday. I don’t remember how, but we got along pretty well, so that was a pleasant surprise. We talked for about a month or 2. I talked to him about my problems and my lack of friends, he listened and replied, it was nice. The thing is, he’s 25 I’m 18 and i feel like maybe he thinks that what i say is childish or whatever, but i let it slide, it’s just my mind overthinking.
I noticed that he would get uncomfortable when i referred to him as friends until one day i asked “are we friends?” And he replied with a vague answer, basically saying no. That kind of hurt me because i felt like we were getting close and maybe even reached friendship level, but I don’t understand him, what is this? So i one day we were texting and he sent a message that I decided not to answer, i was wondering if he would text again later maybe the next day… he never did. One of my childish games i guess. (Late November)
I didn’t think it’d hurt so bad, i kind of just ignored it and acted like it was one if those casual conversations you have on reddit where you end up being ghosted, until one day when i started crying in the bathroom thinking about what i did wrong and why he left me. Was it my fault? Did i make him uncomfortable? Were my childish conversations not enough for him?
I think not texting him was the right choice because if i hadn’t how would i have seen that i mattered so little to him. When i spent hours laughing and smiling at the conversations we had together. Was whatever we had really nothing? Something he could throw away so easily?
Fast forward, new years. (He has my snap.) A friend had posted a video on my story saying happy new years, and a few hours later I’m surprised when his name pops up on my screen. At this point all my sadness had turned into anger towards him, why would he text me now? After all this time, really? New year new him i guess. We had a little nice “how’s everything been” convo, but i just couldn’t hold it in any longer. I asked about the whole thing and he said it’s taxing being my only friend and that he runs away when things get too intense. Who said he was my only friend?
After hearing the run away thing i felt bad because i do the same thing and then my old feelings came rushing back. I reassured him that i had plenty of friends (lie) and that there’s no need for him to feel taxed or whatever. We still talk on discord and i’m really scare to get too close to him again, but this time he’s texting first and saying goodnight and telling me about his day! I feel like we’re getting closer than before. Maybe he is a new guy this year. I’m still scared to bring up the friend thing and to try and label what we have because he just calls me bud or buddy and i didn’t want to make him uncomfortable again by putting that on him. We do this thing where we just ignore uncomfortable things and act like they never happened. It’s how i was raised, maybe him too.
What should i do? Because i feel that if this goes on i’m going to start catching feelings i shouldn’t have. I don’t even know what i mean to him, i just really like him for some reason. Does he just see me as someone to entertain him, a child? Or am i just overthinking it? Maybe i’m just reading too much into this. Maybe he just wants someone to talk about anime with. Or just mindlessly chat with. I don’t know what to do. I feel tempted to just delete my discord and everything, but he’s so sweet and funny i can’t just leave him. UGH I WANT HIM SO BADLY. But i’m not going to have him, he can never know i think of him this way. And he’s a smart cookie so i hope he never ever reads this, he’ll probably figure out it’s about him lol.
Ugh what should i do. Should i keep talking yo him? Bring up tue friend thing? How do i make a deeper connection with him? So sad, i just want him to want me like i do him. Does he ever miss me? Think about me throughout the day? Do some things remind him of me? Oh well.
Thank you for reading all of this haha i’m just dumping some stuff i’ve been keeping inside for a few months now lol.
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2022.01.24 07:03 Ibrisen Any reason I can't find anything on mussel garum?

They are super cheap, taste better than oysters and seem like a good candidate for garum, but I can't seem to find anything about a garum made from them. Is there a reason for this or should they be good for garum?
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2022.01.24 07:03 Surax Enterprise dings woman who rented truck on sunny day more than $5,500 for hail damage

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2022.01.24 07:03 Anarchist23 Smash the state

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2022.01.24 07:03 Sparky_Cat_Studios Just here to show off our Analyser and Remake Doc

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